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Working in the UK and Ireland, withJuliaRoss

Tips on Arrival
There are a number of important things you need to do once you have arrived in the UK and Ireland.  The list below outlines some key tips for you to consider from the moment you land, up to your first few weeks in your new city.  We suggest you print this list and have it handy, so you can refer to it as you need to.

At the Airport

  • Passport clearance – have your passport, visa, bank statement and address of accommodation all handy for the passport officer
  • Duty free – stock up on any duty free items you wish to buy
  • Customs – know what is in you bag and declare anything that is required
  • Currency – if you haven’t already, make sure you get some GB Pounds (UK) or Euros (Irelsnd)
  • Information desk – visit the information desk if you require transport or need to organise accommodation.

It is important that you register with your embassy once you have arrived to ensure you are accounted for as a foreign traveller in Australia. 

Contact Ross Julia Ross for a Job
If you have already spoken to our International Candidate Manager, you would have been provided with contact names at the relevant Ross Julia Ross office. If you haven’t yet spoken to anyone at Ross Julia Ross, contact us today to find out how we can help you secure a great job.

Know your transport options for leaving the airport and getting to your accommodation.

Organise your first week’s accommodation and then explore your long term accommodation options. You can try the following UK websites:

Your first week it is probably easier to stay with friends, but don’t overstay your welcome and contribute to the household expenses.  Otherwise hostel accommodation are a great option. Expect to pay £10-£25 a night depending on the size of the room and always ask about weekly rates, as there may be discounts available. Check out YHA hostels in London and the Generator Hostel in King's Cross is also popular with travellers.

Sharing a house/flat -Whether you live with friends or strangers, budget for about £150+  a week for your rent and bills.

Rent alone will probably be between £90-£110 a week for rent and you should check what bills (if any) are included. You'll usually have to pay at least one month's rent as a security deposit and your first month's rent upfront.

Flats/bedsits - A bedsit is a self-contained room with its own small kitchen, but a shared bathroom, and a studio flat has its own bathroom.

Bedsits start at about £90 a week in London but you'll be lucky to find a studio for less than £100.

A one-bedroom flat will cost about £180-£220 a week, depending on the area. Always check whether the rates include bills; some include hot water and gas but not electricity.

Check whether the quoted price of rent includes bills as this could add another £20-£30 per month for gas and electricity (depending on how many people you're sharing with).

Gas, in particular, can be expensive, especially in winter, as most internal heating runs on gas.
There is also council tax that needs to be paid monthly. The amount you pay is determined by the area in which you  living (some councils charge more than others); and the value of the property. The average cost is around £30 per month, but it could be anything from £17-£65 a month. Council tax is higher in the larger cities.

Open a Bank Account
It is advisable to open a bank account if you are able before you leave for the UK or Ireland, there are specialist companies who can assist you with this. Once you have found a job, you will need a bank account.

Once you have found your accommodation, secured yourself a job and are now earning your Euros or GB pounds, its time to relax, have some fun and enjoy the new lifestyle around you.

There are also a few of the major banks that offer the opportunity to do a lot of the bank account setup whilst in your home country. Please go to the majorUK & Irish  bank sites to see if they offer this.

Other Useful Information

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